A Vigil For Justice, A Vigil For Peace

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A Vigil For Justice. A Vigil for Peace – is Robert’s first collection of poems (and first published book).

Robert Mitchell is an award winning musician, teacher, composer, songwriter and poet. He is a steinway artist, has released nine albums and worked with a large number of international stars including Courtney Pine, Greg Osby, Steve Coleman, Julien Lourau, Jhelisa Anderson, Shaun Escoffery, Omar, Matana Roberts, Bournemouth Symphony Chorus and Steve Williamson amongst many others.

‘These poems are mostly drawn from the album : ‘A Vigil For Justice. A Vigil For Peace.’ I have written lyrics and poems for many years – and have concentrated on them from the viewpoint of always being approached via music. So I thought it would be a change to work this way round – words first and in charge of the music (if any). The poems range from the 4-line ‘Resolution’ through to the longer multi-page ‘Chosen’. The subject matter includes : the search for the right political manifesto (especially now), the potential in us all, migration, the seemingly eternal need for justice and peace, and what line between the lines –  amongst others.’

Robert Mitchell

“In this collection of poems Robert Mitchell brings a unique harmonic vocabulary to his written work in the same way that he imbues his music with a linguistic eloquence more conventionally associated with impressive poetry. His poems are like symphonic scores excavated from the vault of a futuristic cave inscribed with glyphic invocations, each metaphor in pristine condition on the reverberant walls of his finely tuned mind.

Robert’s poetry confers upon the reader an elevated feeling of quest that migratory birds must experience midflight. Through his verse he takes us on a pilgrimage to a place where the universally noble principles of justice, equality, peace and love reign supreme.”

Eugene Skeef

Poems : I Watch You Trace My Dreams In The Air, A Vigil For Justice.A Vigil For Peace, The Manifesto, We Are All The Chosen Ones, Saved By You, The Migration, You Are My World, Epiphany, I Am The Dance, Resolution, What Lies Between The Lines.

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This book and audiobook is published by Recast Music Education and will be released later in 2017.

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