A Vigil For Justice, A Vigil For Peace

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‘A Vigil For Justice. A Vigil For Peace.’ features nine new pieces  for piano trio and seven original poems – inspired by the rapid political change in atmosphere in recent times, against the backdrop of so much unrealised human potential and vast inequalities. Robert Mitchell, the pianist-poet-composer, addresses dissatisfaction with the political process, inequality and division, continued struggles for peace, migration, a refocus on the special talents that everyone possesses, long lasting love, and a tribute to the brilliant Debbie Purdey. It also contains an introduction to a larger work called “The Spirit Line”.

Robert has recently recorded on albums by the legendary Courtney Pine CBE – with whom he also tours in 2017 – and by leading French saxophonist, Julien Lourau, who joins Robert at The Vortex on 15th September for the Album Launch of “A Vigil for Justice….”, as a special guest, along with dancer Masumi Endo, who also joins
Robert on several tour dates. This is Mitchell’s ninth album, and is produced by the great percussionist and ECM recording artist Miles Bould. On the album, Robert uses solo keyboards and piano trio, as well as spoken word – furthering the musical concepts he used as a member of F-ire Collective, with whom he won the BBC Jazz Innovation Award in 2004.

The music on “Vigil..” is inspired by freedom, groove, power, grace, symbiosis, Ubuntu, trust, love and loss and contains: odd metre, latin influences,free form, funk, fusion, m-base – playedon a wide array of pianos and keyboards, with acoustic and electric bass, and drums – plus inspiration from beat poetry/spoken word, hip hop and beyond. The poetry featured on the album is included in a debut collection to be published separately, by Recast Music Education, in 2017.

Over his  25 years entrenched in the art of music, Robert has recorded nine albums of his own projects, participated in over 100 as a sideman and has performed in 40 countries. His current priorities include his long-running ensemble Panacea; his new trio Epiphany 3 with guest dancer Masumi Endo, and solo performance – including his fascination with one-handed works, which led to a solo album and the 2013 Leftitude festival. Robert has also had a major choir, string and band work performed –  called Invocation. This was successfully premiered by the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus, Goldsmiths Big String and Robert Mitchell’s Panacea in 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall (as part of the London Jazz Festival).

‘All in all “A Vigil For Justice, A Vigil For Peace” is an album that deserves pride of place in any modern jazz enthusiasts collection’.
— Jazz In Europe

Mitchell also continues to work with French sax innovator Stephane Payen, young saxophonist Tom Harrison, Cuban violinist Omar Puente, great cellist Shirley Smart, South African education, percussion and conflict resolution genius Eugene Skeef, and new free jazz/radical poetry group StaggerLee Wonders.


Robert Mitchell, Steinway B Grand Piano, Kawai Grand & Grand Toy Pianos, Roland System1 Synth, etc, composer, arranger, poems. / Tom Mason, acoustic, electro-acoustic & electric basses / Laurie Lowe, drumkit / Thami Hlabangana, narrator / HKB Finn, narrator.

Some video from Robert Mitchell’s Epiphany 3 (Jan 2017 – Poland Tour)


The album will be released digitally on 15th Sept 2017. Preorders can be made from here or:

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